I miss you

                                        Come here, please hold my hand for now
                                        Help me, I'm scared please show me how
                                        To fight this, God has a master plan
                                        And I guess, I am in his demand
                                        I see, the light it feels good
                                        And I'll come, back soon just like you would
                                         It's useless, my name has made the list
                                        And I wish, I gave you one last kiss


Today's Mood

                                                                                DOG DAYS ARE OVER


"I was thinking about honesty, maybe the whole idea is overrated, maybe coming clean is the ultimate selfish act, the way to absolve yourselfs by hurting someone who does not deserve to be hurt. In a relationship, is honesty really the best policy?"
Photo by me

well, hello there

                                                                from Pendleton